Adam Helmer HIDE YO KIDS. Get this, I used to hang wit this dude until I realized just how effed up this kid is. His profession? He’s a drug dealer. Nor even a good one at that either. Dude is ALWAYS hurting for cash. He thinks he’s the sh1t because he has some sneakers and name brand clothing???? Meanwhile he probably couldn’t rub two dimes together. As for working… this guy just isn’t interested in it. He rather bum around all day and talk to as many women as he can. Get this though, he doesn’t care how old they are. Bro is pushing 30 and is ok with 15 year old girls. This is when I knew I had to drop him as a friend! He would literally talk to a different girl all day or even multiple women all day meanwhile he had a completely different girl the night before in his bed. Oh and if you p1ss him off he always says he’s gunna call his daddy or “his people ” like he’s affiliated with something. Only thing he’s affiliated with is little girls and the welfare system!!!! Nothing but a leach on society! He also lies like crazy so never take anything he says seriously. To you stupid ladies who have actually fallen for this guy… I hope you like the gift he gave you. Its the one that keeps giving if you know what I mean. If you’re a parent of a young woman in Cornwall go make sure this creep hasn’t been in your daughter’s inbox. Like I said he likes them young. Maybe it’s because the women his age realize that he’s a welfare bum????