Adam Rosenfeld Liar, Narcissist And Drug Addict. Adam Charlie Rosenfeld is my stepbrother.  He is from Houston, Texas and has a failed drink company called [REDACTED].  He’s had it for about ten or fifteen years and it has never turned a profit.  In addition, he is a heroin and pepsi addict who is also highly addicted to Xanax and whatever else he can get his hands on to.  His entire life is a lie as he uses his failed drink company to fake a lifestyle as a big time successful millmillionaire when all of his money comes from his mom and dad, mostly his dad as he is a doctor with two private practices I saved when he was about to go out of business because he was only relying on word of mouth and had no idea that he needed to advertise.  Back to Adam, he is basically a narcissistic sociopath and a snob who’s entire life is a lie!  He goes out of his way to target and get next to anyone who is successful through their own means or accomplished or famous by kissing their a55 and lying and putting on a front with expensive clothing, watches, etc bought with his parents credit cards and money.  He is possibly the biggest spoiled brat, narcissistic liar, user and snob I have known.  That’s the truth about my stepbrother Adam Rosenfeld.