Alejandra Martinez Narcissistic, Gold Digging Piece Of Trash. Future Men Watch Out!!!!!!!! She had it all any woman would want a loving devoted partner who would have given her the world if he could and a beautiful set of children but that obviously wasn’t enough for her so she decided to be selfish/ only think of herself and cheat on her partner with another guy. It wasn’t even her first time either her partner forgave her the first time she decided to be unfaithful witch resulted in her having another guys baby, her partner told her he would forgive her and sweep it under the rug and that the baby is his from that point on ( he is a wonder father btw and raised her as his own). The second time she was unfaithful her partner wasn’t having it anymore currently in the process of breaking up, turns out she went behind his back and slept with another man for god knows how long, had the audacity to beg him. Never had to lift a finger to earn money in her life, her partner worked for the family always tired and her spending his money endlessly always wanting more never satisfied, with branded items ( oh might I add she got a tummy tuck guess we all know why and even had the audacity to say in the time we didn’t know “ Do u think I won’t be able to find a guy if I end up single?”. All of this and her excuse was “ it was because we got together young” are u fuking serious haven’t u heard of communicating how about breaking up and not cheating besides he was also young when they got together and u didn’t see him cheating on you, he was loving, faithful, reliable, you fuked up u lost everything for d1ck. Actually my family gave me shit when I was younger for talking sh1t about her calling her a gold digger that doesn’t take care of her children because the reality is that she always dropped them of at our place to take care of them while she was out being a fuking h0e it turns out, always talking about how much u love your family on your instagram fuking hilariously guess the love u have for yourself is bigger. All these years I was right only if u listened to me when I called out in that situation my heart hurts for you but we are all here for you she has nobody not even her family anymore. I know its not my situation to talk about this but I can’t stand to the side and not let the world know about this b1tch. I wish I was nice and wished her the best with her life but I’m vengeful with emotional issues towards anybody that’s not my family so I hope u get the worst outcome in life for hurting my family. If u ever read this I’m not sorry you have to open you’re and see that the world doesn’t revolve around you. You aren’t worth talking to anymore u are a mistake in this life and part of the past. That being said this family is finally free of you and finally see the monster that I’ve been seeing all those years since u had ur first we are here for him now and all of his kids hope u burn. Now u are free to suck and fuk all the d1cks u want openly might even make a career out of it since u love both money and d1cks enough to hurt ur children and partner. Sorry it was long y’all just had a lot to get of my chest.