Alex Noire aka Ava Madison Herpes Escort. Alex Noire aka Ava Madison Herpes Escort
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This scammer is a liar and a thief. Scammed so many men and then deleted the ads so there was no proof. The gig is up Alex Noire, you can’t run from your past. This w***e loves sleeping with married men and doing anything for money. She even gave one client a incurable that he took back to his wife. Now she’s tryna rebrand as this model when everyone knows the truth. YOU ARE A W***E and I will make sure everyone knows w***e. You think you can f**k my husband and try to ruin my family? You and your w***e friends. Newsflash b***h, you f****d with the wrong one. You have my husband herpes and now he’s given it to me and there is no cure you nasty b***h.

And by the way, those little friends of yours are not your friends hunny, you betterwatch our for them hahaha.

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