Alexis Campbell Page County, VA Watch Out For This Homewrecker! This homewrecker gets off on the fact that men are in committed relationships and still lures them in. She doesn’t care if a man is in a relationship, in fact she thinks it’s “hot” and that it makes the man more desirable. She has sex with men in her car in the parking lot of her workplace. Yes, you read that right. It’s disgusting that she finds men to participate in her “sexcapades.” She doesn’t care that she is wrecking homes and destroying relationships. As long as she gets what she wants. All she wants is to “f***” nothing more. Why destroy a home if that is all you want? There are many single fish in the sea, but I guess they’re just not “hot” enough unless they’re in a committed relationship. Oh, and I’ve attached the photo she uses on Facebook versus the photos her Mom posts on Instagram. HUGE difference. Her name is Alexis Campbell. Ladies beware!