Alexis Gallegos AKA Alexis Rose – Leave That Married Man Alone! Alexis Gallegos, sis, he is married with babies and you know this! We live in a small city, Pueblo, Colorado but there are single men out there for you! This woman is currently messing around with my husband, as he has admitted. She knows he is still fully married, because I have gone to her house where he has been with this home wrecker. They had a secret meet up in December and got caught and she got a coffee thrown in her face. You would think she would learn! She claimed to have a boyfriend, where is he now? She works in Human Resources, and they worked together at a produce machine manufacturing / pacific engineering company who has recently changed their name but is still the same fruit machine company. I made him quit that company, as that company has other questionable female employees. She knew what she was doing then was wrong, as I threatened to call them for fraternizing with an employee. This man is still married and she is well aware as she tried to act “like a friend” to me. I’m sorry, but my friends don’t sleep with my husband. Find yourself a single man and leave my husband to me and his children. That is my mess to deal with, not yours.