Alexis Williams — EVERYONE! So I been going on this app for a long time called Meetme for a long time and came a across this person named Miss Fishy. Let me tell you something about this person I been hearing alot of rumors and you know what it’s all true. That person is a trans not a real female she lies about her gender she’s being doing it off and on for 3 years now lying about being a full female to real life men pretty much catfishing them into thinking she’s a female. Lies about everything pretty much it’s sad to be honest cause most guys not know she’s trans.. I mean I would post pictures but it won’t let me, but lying about your gender make’s you stupid.. oh yeah she calls her self the meetme the icon and legend knowing damn well all that is a LIE also.. please if you see her on expose her she goes by diffirent names also.