Allison Wold Side Slore, Sleezy, Sloot, Pepsi Floozy. So this is the scoop on Allison Wold who lived in Lac Du Bonnet her whole life, gone through boyfriends like a salt shaker, opened her legs for each job she worked at or turned tricks for cash to eat for herself. She even made a post on social media that she would sell her kids for a bag of coke. This is something I wish more people saw this side of her. She once stole atvs, quads, forged checks into her name to feed her drug of choice which will always be cocaine. She is now being watched by the rcmp, they have tapped all her phone calls. Some suspicious activity going on in her home right now as she’s living with a Manitoba worrior member who is abusive towards her kids but she doesn’t seem to care as she’s high 24/7. And yet she is a rat in her own community making calls to cfs about others in order to keep heat off herself. Her and her man have been together for 2 years in the recent year she’s been near Lee River hooking up on the new meth pills and sleeping around on her guy. Then ratting out big top dealers to the police. I find snitches will soon get stitches. But this one seems to be slightly untouchable. So now I make it everyone’s business. She also a hidden sloozy at her line of work as a home care assistance and key holder at [REDACTED]. Her boss allows such behavior cause its hard to find hard workers. Yet never gave myself a chance instead heard a rumor made by Allison and I never got an interview. The rumor was a lie cause I’ve never touched the bad drugs only smoked weed all though high school and been smoke free for 24 years. However this one is a mess she’s 4 months pregnant and doesn’t know who the father is but still saying her fiance is the father even though they haven’t had sex in over a year cause she’s so out of line and out of control. What she doesn’t know is her fiance has been letting everyone know who she really is behind close doors. And a video has surfaced on Facebook of her beating up someone child yet Rcmp has to see proof before arresting. Her time is slowly coming to an end. And I hope her kids are well taken care of cause it seems this 30year old will never grow up to being the proper adult she is supposed to be. But if your looking for a friend to get you high all the time just ask for Allison wold and she will hook you up in more ways then one.