Amanda Marie Moon “Amanda Amanda”. Amanda Marie moon “Amanda Amanda “ What ever you want to call yourself I must say, you are the definition of desperate . Attacking other women when YOU continuously chase taken men or MEN that have rocky history with gfs is pathetic. The fact you hold onto said proof and receipts for three years tells it all . AMANDA AMANDA get a grip . You are single cause no man wants a used up jaded chunk . Spreading legs is NOT how to keep a man. Plastering abuse publicly online about yourself and the kids you had “for money “ is a disgrace to all women ! YOU are not the only one with proof REMEMBER THAT. You chose to be loose . You have to live with that now. Enough of the online bullying . THE PROOF that is clear as day says it all . You want to antagonize ppl publicly then clearly you want to be blasted publicly . Out of respect for the living children you have left I will not name those names but HAVE SHOWN the proof to CAS. Pls take note having kids with a man doesn’t mean you get to keep him 😉 Publicly blasting a father that pays for his kids “bank statements don’t lie” is low. Keeping kids from father and polluting innocent lives cause you project the insecurities you have on them is MENTAL ABUSE ! You are disgusting and the fact you only use filters on pics you take IS proof that you hate how you look . CATFISH AMANDA AMANDA MARIE MOON . A little tip of advice , the kids you had will leave you . Look they are growing up and will soon too see how pathetic and low their mother is . I’m sure having kids is hard when trying to be social media famous . Adults and I mean real adults don’t need social media to advance them selves like you do . Stay on that childish trip ya chunk . Also remember to STAY BLESSED 😉