Amanda Robinson Only Cares About Herself. Meet Amanda Robinson. A woman who didn’t think twice about having an affair with a man who was in a 15 + year long relationship with family involved. She didn’t give two frigs about the people she deliberately chose to hurt—she didn’t think that his wife and family would ever find out or that THEY deserved to have a say in HER choices. Her choice to willingly know there was a wife and family. She didn’t care. She had already broken up her family and was on her own shitstorm of a journey. Her choice was to have this affair, “until it didn’t work anymore”. For whom, exactly? HER, is what she told herself. Riding on the back of her family name in a small community; her choice was to selfishly indulge; take liberties that weren’t hers to take; and, destroy—actually, home wreck an entire family. Her choice was to ignore that this man was using her for sex. He did not choose her first…ever. They couldn’t go out in public. He needed to feel sexually adequate and she opened that door—pun intended. No respect for herself might explain why she had no respect for anyone else. She brought insurmountable grief to one of the nicest, most caring women I know. The one woman who was always there for this man; this man who everyone knows suffers from mental/emotional illness and addiction; this woman was there for him for over 15 years. He most certainly carries half the blame for this atrocity—but it takes two. He didn’t choose someone in a relationship with family to satisfy his addictive needs—she did!!! She chose a taken man to satisfy her selfish view of entitlement. She’s an embarrassment to our community; to women; to humanity. Oh, she’s moved on—when it didn’t work for her anymore—but she kept her intimate connection through messaging this man for a long time after the affair and during the entire time she started a new relationship with someone else—lying to herself—lying to her new man—and still keeping that carrot stick out in front of this already taken man. She thinks and leads people–even her employer–to believe she’s a wonderful person. She thinks she can bury her wrong and make it right. In reality, she’s a self-absorbed, very disturbed person, who, is in complete denial. Watch your men single-ladies. Her world will crash again and she won’t care who her next victim is.