Amanda Sanders. This toad looking b1tch is hands down the biggest fuking loser I have ever had the misfortune of being around. Lazy/ignorant/childish and pathetic could all be words used to describe her and the other losers working at that ‘restaurant’. I was given the work of 2-3 people while she and elaine (a fat idiot working as a supervisor) sat and did nothing but yell/swear and enforce rules arbitrarily. Speaking of Elaine she had the nerve to mock me when she her self is an ugly overweight loser living in a small town in Ontario. Was given more work than could be completed by the end of my shift and would treat me like shit when i tried to leave when the afternoon worker (another fat lazy idiot….go figure) did nothing. forced overtime was given to me which is common with [REDACTED] and illegal. And this is not even the tip of the iceberg of sh1t that I had to deal with while working at that dump stay away if you value your sanity. [REDACTED] in Watford is a bottom of the barrel job and only for the most desperate.