Amber K. Henderson Tyson Slore. Miss Amber has been “happily married” according to all social media for 6 years. But yet she can’t seem to stay away from the guys at work. Whether they be married or not. She loves to flirt with them to get whatever she wants and special treatement. Doesn’t matter how many times they turn her down. She’s relentless. Then when they give in and give a compliment she goes all for it. They flirt she keeps pushing. They try to back out she tells them that’s ok she doesn’t mind. Sends them lots pics and messages while her husband is at work. Then when the wife finds out and finds the messages and puts her on blast she screams victim and says she did nothing. All while still trying to keep things going after they were abruptly ended. Saying her husband called her a slore and kicjed her out and he wanted to be her slore. Funny, everyone near to them says life is normal and her husband knows nothing of the truth. Well its amazing how many other coworkers who had been there over the years knew about other people she had actually slept with and tried this fun routine with. Oh and when she’s been ignored she tries to bring other coworkers in to play messenger. Hows that help your victim claim? Guess she forgets that social media, smart phones, and cell phone companies make it easy to recover things sent.