Amethyst Taylor Has A Fake Twin On OnlyFans ! This chick Amethyst Taylor is unreal. Literally. She posts on OnlyFans and has about 40k followers. She is quite popular and one of the reasons for this is that she tells people she has a twin. But its fake! Its a fake twin! she uses camera trickery and photoshop to make it appear that she has a twin but its really just herself with photoshop! She is running an entire onlyfans page off this fake twin concept! Not to mention she is going around town making slanderous false allegations about other OnlyFans Performers. This fake b1tch literally just makes up fake claims of sexual assault anytime she feels slighted by another performer. If someone has a fake twin that might be the only thing that they are lying about! [REDACTED] is her instagram. Lyin’ A55 H0E!