Angie Millejours, Simply The Worst. This is an important PSA for the Ottawa/Gatineau region. Stay away from this deranged leach, Angie Millejours! She’s an floozy and an absolutely horrible person. She has no respect for anyone or herself. She’s so fake and will change her opinions depending on who she’s talking to. In all her life, she’s never been able to keep a job or a friend. All she wants to do is use others and talk sh!t behind their backs. She recently finished a house arrest sentence for violently attacking another girl. Her pu55y is so nasty, she has to douche multiple times a day so her clients don’t notice the smell. She was flat with paper thin lips, so she scammed men into buying her huge wonky boobs and an upper lip so massive it gives her a permanent shadow-stache. I really wish they would’ve paid for therapy instead, she needs it desperately.