Anna Lombardo – Glen Ellyn Undercover Floozy. Thoti-Anna Lombard-H0E has been floozing herself for years paying for trips all over and meeting men in hotels for cash. Her public IG Page [REDACTED] – which she changes constantly. She attempts to be an Instagram influencer but is exploiting herself to get married men to buy her trips, purses and jewelry. She will message your man and try to get him to get a hotel so she can meet with them and get money or “gifts” in exchange for sex. She tells everyone she is a manager of HR , than a bartender, than a IG paid influencer – which is it? the truth is she is just a paid floozy who hides behind these titles so her parents and friends dont find out the truth of what she is really doing. She claims to have a mexican boyfriend who she adds and deletes every other week bc he even found out the truth of what she was really doing on those “business trips.”