ARIZONA CON-ARTIST Xavier A Hernandez. Let’s kick off the 2022 by exposing this scumbag right here. His name is Xavier A Hernandez, [REDACTED]. That’s not all he has lied about ladies n gentlemen, he has lied about his assets, businesses, properties, multiple criminal charges of narcotic drug use/possession and revoked/suspended licenses, but he’s very familiar with getting false documentation to get that fixed. X here is a grade A liar & manipulator, that uses women for his own personal gain, be it for self-esteem issues, boost his ego, money $$ or even credit, so you can say he is sort of a con artist. He has multiple girlfriend/wives that he tricks and manipulates and either they are clueless or lies to them about each other and uses his friends & family [REDACTED]. to cover for him. The only true and accurate thing in his life is that he has a daughter. Beyond that everything else that comes out of his mouth or his relatives/friends’ mouth is deception. He has multiple phone numbers & multiple social medias. In one social media he’s a hopeless romantic an old soul that only wishes to fall in love with 1 female and build a family, but unfortunately, he somehow is always the one getting played [REDACTED]. , but he strategically deactives and reactivates, since he’s currently trying to manipulate “melissa” in trying to cover his tracks. While in another social media he’s happily married [REDACTED].. He has talked aloooot, but I mean aloooot of sh1t about every female he talks to even about his current “wife”. For one all his exes aint sh1t, they all did him dirty, they all still want to be with him and talk to him and can’t get over him and won’t leave him alone. He still calls his baby momma [REDACTED]. a slore because she supposedly cheated on him and complains about her because apparently, he states that all she is good at is sucking d1ck and asking for money. Another ex he loves talking trash about is Chiqui [REDACTED]., how she broke his heart and left him, he uses those two so called failed relationships in which he claims to had been 100% honest & faithful, to manipulate women into thinking he’s a good guy. He has all his exes that so called did him dirty on all his social medias, but he states he doesn’t talk to them, that they are the desperate ones with no life after him, because they can’t find better. He currently has a “wife” by the name Melissa Marie Rocha [REDACTED]. that conveniently has good credit and recently acquired her own house, while he has another “wife” Victoria “Tory” [REDACTED]. in Massachusetts to which they have a joint bank account. X is a drug user & seller, but he claims otherwise. He claims he has business besides his little side hustle cover up working at [REDACTED]. Barbershop at [REDACTED]. If you need a haircut help this con artist out, to see if he stops playing with women. He has been and is a failure in all aspects in life, being a good son, father, brother, husband, you name it, the guy is a waste of space in this world. Sadly, most of these women know they are getting played and don’t care and the ones that have been told don’t believe the truth, since he is a very good con artist and has his friend and family backing up his lies. He pins women against each other, in order to keep them until he gets what he needs, after that the act is over and then you become now the either friend or so-called ex that won’t go away. If you wish to speak to him since he loves the attention here are other ways get ahold of him; [REDACTED].the list is never ending… Snapchats: [REDACTED]. List of girlfriends/wives/psycho exes besides the ones previously mentioned, given that even his current “wife” he has called a psychotic ex that won’t go away and stole his social media yet it’s the same one that he claims he can have whenever he wants, the same way he talks about every single female. [REDACTED]. …. & the list is never ending.. Let’s show X some much needed love and attention in the spotlight just like he likes it, all about him. Feel free to share, make him popular and known in the world.