Ashely Gould — BIG Manipulator. This one right here is a BIG Manipulator that likes to prey on women that is having babies or that has kids because she is money hungry she likes to take  money from singlemothers and likes Beating on them almost brakeing there chest bone she likes to think my nieces kids are hers when they are NOT she cant have kids she took my nieces ID and her kids ID she used my nieces sin card and got $4000 in loans she  Pretended to be my nieces and thats how she got them she has stole all of my nieces stuff and been selling them on kijiji and other websites and stole her phone stopped her from seeing all her family she put lies about my niece on here that are not true my niece is a gr8 mother and person she would give someone the shirt off her back if they needed it Ashely Gould needs help my niece is not the only one she has done this to she has to 2 other mothers and will keep doing this i wanna put this out here so other women no what this women is about!!!!!