Ashley Lethbridge Cowardly C*Nt Lies About Dying Of Cancer Instead Of Breaking Up. I had my trust in people shattered the other day by this worthless piece of absolute human filth by the name of Ashley Lethbridge and her actions that truly can only be described as sickening. She led me to believe that she died from breast cancer to break up with me, and for six years, I was convinced of that, until I recently came across her in a fuking singles group on Facebook. We were together for, I want to say around a year but I might be off a month or two. I was usually putting in more effort for trying to get together, she’d very much be last second or cancel, but it was always felt great whenever we were able to spend time together. Once she got the diagnosis, things changed, but I understood she’d be preoccupied. She started replying less and less, could barely make plans, and then just nothing. No replies, and IIRC her profile just went dark after. Never had gotten a definite answer, but between everything, it seemed to be a safe assumption that she passed. I was completely and utterly devastated by her loss – I had several mental breakdowns over the years which resulted in me losing the last two solid jobs I had, dropping out of college when I was accepted and just figuring out student loans, and I’ve been on welfare for the last few years because of my diminished mental health. It took me six years, but I finally moved on and was dealing with my grief. Saw her on a singles group the other day, after no contact for six years. When I finally messaged and confronted her about it, she could barely offer an apology, claiming that she was only doing what was right for her, and really just showing that she’s only sorry for getting caught in her lie, not for all the pain and the 6 wasted years. Not that there’s really any forgiveness that can come from something so sh1tty, but to have such a nonchalant attitude about it is abhorrent.