Barbra Mcdow Don’t Trust The Scamming Pice Of Scum. Barbra Mcdow and her husband Mark are nothing but scamming pieces of scum. They buy old musty storage lockers full of junk and and sell it for double retail price on Facebook. If you don’t agree with their pricing or you catch their scam they blast you on Facebook. They’re apartment is a complete pigsty and absolutely disgusting. I was there a few times and swear I saw a roach. They have 3 dogs and a cat in a small cramped apartment. They have one blind dog that is suffering and sick but refuse to put it down. Mark is nothing but a dead beat pot head and talks like he has a mouth full of hairy ball, while Barb spouts off about the rapture so much you’d think she’s wearing a tinfoil hat. Avoid these two at all cost.