Because Rory Aasland Doesn’t Come With A Warning Label. Let’s talk about this class act. Careful he doesn’t come with a warning label either! RORY AASLAND, Edmonton, Alberta. The liar, the cheat, the woman beater; and narcissist. He’s deceptive as fuk. Let this be a warning to his current girl friend Lisa. He’s a pathological liar at the best of times. Hard to get him off and keep him off of the dating sites which he will use behind your back. He will only be nice to you when he has a use for you. Then look out the mean streak comes out in full force where he becomes aggressive even insulting seniors and threatening them on voicemail and text. He demands attention and if you don’t answer in a timely manner he threatens police and hospitals. He didn’t even move his gfs things in their house she was paying for so he could cheat on her without looking taken while she was away. He’s still sleeping with his ex girlfriend whom is pregnant. He beats woman and has twice been charged with assault and a protective order. He has three DUI convictions. He’s currently cheating and he has thwarted every attempt to let Lisa know. On top of stealing children from their parents, he never paid child support only for his favourite. He is now a dead beat unemployed loser. He was fired for fraud at his last place of employment. He’s infected and hasn’t told his gf. Or says he has, depending on which day you ask him! Sure he is good in bed. He’s a man whore whom spends most of his relationships milking his ex’s dry and stealing their assets in which they have forked out a lot of cash. While cheating on them. Then he spits them out, used, beaten, damaged and discarded for someone else to repair. He will use you for money when he isn’t working and never pay you back, short of begging for it back. He uses his parents for money. His siblings hate him. What a fine man indeed! You don’t have to take my word as a warning though. From what I’ve been told You will also end up living it in due time. Red flags everywhere. It doesn’t take him long to show his true colours.