Becky Travers – Embarrassingly Desperate For Attention Of Any Kind. Desperate for any kind of attention, she will take it from anyone who even looks in her direction. Bonus points if they are in a relationship and have kids!! Doesn’t care if she uproots young children’s lives as long as she can get some disappointing sex out of it, it’s all worth it! Preys on the mentally ill, because who better to make her feel special than someone who is self-destructing and on the brink of suicide! There’s a reason she can’t keep a long term partner, she doesn’t care about anyone other than herself. Oh but don’t get me wrong, apparently she’s got guys lining up for her! One guy even punched a wall because she wouldn’t date him any more (yeah right). Let’s just say he dodged a bullet there. If you are in Guernsey, steer clear of this pathetic human. She clearly has no morals and I think it’s probably best that she stays single and lonely for the rest of her miserable life. Embarrassing.