Beware Of Thieving Douchebag Nick Wiebe. Wish I’d of known about this site earlier as he obviously has an established track record for being an abusive, Pepsi head starting in Winnipeg. Met him here in Regina and after giving me a big sob story, I foolishly let him stay with me briefly. What was supposed to be a few days turned into almost 3 weeks. He’s a master manipulator and comes off as so polite and charming but he’s a user and a thief. I lent him money that he assured me he’d pay back and after 3 weeks of sponging off of me he took off, but not before stealing $1600 from me. The money and stuff he took from my house is a thing for sure, but really he stole so much more than that in a way. I now realize it was likely because of his Pepsi addiction, but I didn’t connect the dots and see the red flags while he was here. Judging from other posts I’ve seen on here about him, I guess I should be glad he was never violent while he was here. Anyway, beware ladies…he’s basically a low budg, Tinder swindler with a Pepsi habit preying on people’s kindness and trust.