Billy Massey — Broke Billy Massey Thief, And Manipulator. Billy Massey lives in Arlington Virginia and frequents the bars of London County, VA. Billy is a huge manipulator and will act like a stand up guy. But beware, my friend dated Billy for 4 months. The 2nd time they ever hung out he football tackled her, choked her and then armbarred her in the basement while his children were awake and upstairs. The cops ended up coming he asked her to lie for him so he doesnt lose job at The Department of National defense. She did. She then asked his friend to come pick her up and he turned around and called the cops on his best friend for drinking and driving so she couldn’t leave with him. A week later a girl was at his house drunk he supposedly forced himself on her and was questioned by detectives for rape. Then she got upset and robbed him. He also spent time in a holding cell 1 week ago for threatening his ex wife and then going on her property. Not to mention he asked his single mother gf at the time to loan him $6800 claiming his mom has stage 4 breaks cancer and he’s so broke he can’t pay the bills. Then did not pay her back. He cheated basically non-stop as well. Women beware, he comes off extremely charming but he is not who he seems. Also ask to see his I.D 😉 You will catch him in his first lie right there.