TheWrongDoer_Editor : Bo Skydon Ream – Liar, Cheater, THOT, Alcoholic Drug User, Maneater, $Lvt. Bo is probably Bi-Polar, but at a minimum she is an alcoholic and master manipulator. She will say ANYTHING to get what she wants and will USE anyone with no regards to the impact or pain she causes other people. I watched her use and abuse multiple men and women! One man in particular, she took six figures of money from in support, all the while she was out hooking up with anyone that would give her the time of day. She took this man for rent money, everything in her apartment, a new puppy named Chunks, presents for friends, trips around the country, hair, nails, food, etc. Anything she wanted she got from him. She told him she loved him and would never cheat on him, but she was cheating the entire time. All the while, he helped her stop stripping at [REDACTED], got her to close her OnlyFans cause he paid her bills, and paid for her entire LIFE so she could start fresh and she did nothing but lie, cheat, take advantage, and harm a really good man for no reason! The worst part is she had the nerve to meet his one son and tell the son to call her Mom and she would call him son! What kind of psychopath would do that to someone? In addition when she gets caught, she will CRY and say she didn’t mean it, and she is a good person, its because of her Mom being a drunk & floozy, and everyone is mean to her for no reason. The girl is out of her mind and a really horrible human being in my opinion. So for any female reading this, you should keep your distance from this mental ninja as she will say anything, do anything, she will steal your man behind your back or atleast your clothes, and will not care who she hurts or has to lie to or abuse in order to get what she needs or wants just wants to live for now and has no plan for the future (she wants to be a Realtor supposedly but she cant pass a test let alone put the alcohol down to even try) other than to get hammered gain and thus why she changes friends all the time. Not a good person and definitely NOT a good friend! For the men, she isn’t worth the DRD’s you might catch either cause she is mid as best!