Bobbie Jo Hipshire — Spreading More Than Spreadsheets. I personally don’t know this person and I’m glad I don’t. In July of 2017 I received copies of sexts between her and my husband from her current boyfriend. The sexts revealed a physical relationship between her and my husband when they worked together between 2004 and 2009. My husband was 45 at the time and she was 23. Apparently the sex went on for quite a few years. I guess they would have sex in vehicles in parking lots, parks, baseball fields, her trailer etc. I ask myself what kind of woman has sex with a man old enough to be her father and has young children. My husband said he reconnected with her because he was going to be close to her and she was easy all it took was lying to her with pretty words so she didn’t expect to much. He thought I would never find out. I never knew such shallow, selfish people like that existed. To destroy a family for a false sense of validation, to make yourself seem falsely attractive is beyond me. I’m not sure if they ever hooked up when she comes back to visit but I would have to say probably. I feel sorry for her boyfriend.