Bowser Johnson Aka JR. Bowser Another Sellout From RENO. Here we have Bowser Johnson aka JR. Bowser spent the first 11 months physically cheating with the a h0e named Zoya. JR even drove five hours to bend oregon to sleep with her, on Easter! JR always told me that he would never cheat on me with a white girl comes to find out there has been that one but for white girls. As of recently human had a tinder account while being in a relationship. But this is not new for JR. Jr has three possibly four baby mamas. JR is 42 years old and still has yet to get his sh1t together he lives in a tiny studio. See I’ve known this man for over 20 years I Thought that since I knew him it would be different and he would try to be better. Zoya messaged me about all the time that they’ve been spending together and about his trips to Oregon and Washington he said she was lying the whole time as of last week he finally came out with the truth and that’s only because he was high off of Molly. That’s right he is also your local drug runner. He might look like he has it together and he’s a standup citizen but he actually Does runs for your local drug dealers. This man said that he needed to send his d1ck to other women to feel desired and wanted that it was always a fantasy of his but I’m pretty sure the only fantasy that he was feeling was that of the white sort. No JR has lived here in Reno most of his life but because he’s from Texas he thinks he’s better than everybody here but he’s proven that he is just your hometown h0e. JR usually dates girls that are off the grid so they don’t know about him so he can continue to do his dirt. This man is a compulsive liar he just lies just to lie he’ll say he’s afraid to tell you the truth but it still considered lying if you were real man you’d be real about your sh1t. Now all the people that he hangs out with cheat on their wives actually a pretty prominent figure in our town hangs out with him only because he knows he brings the girls this man is a gym has a beautiful wife and she’s totally sweet but the owner of the gym is sleeping with her friends. There’s also an employee of his that got engaged and then decided to start cheating with one of his clients. Another one of his friends is a fire fighter pretty big deal here as well cheating on his gorgeous black woman with the same type of white girls. Now JR has claimed that he has ADHD which I wouldn’t doubt but he uses It’s as an excuse to not follow through with what he says. This man is not a person of his word he will lie to Do you until you have definitive proof or he can’t lie anymore. Just something as simple as what time you did get off get off warrants asking him three different times. This man will embarrass you and not give a fuk. As long as he’s happy that’s all that matters. Most men would love the fact that I have two children I pay all my bills and my child support goes to mortgage instead of drugs or clothes or alcohol or another dude. It may have to do with the fact that he never really took care of his children hast to have his funds garnished. But if you’re looking for a pretty face to being totally the person unless he’s done Molly then that d1ck does not work.