Brett Kidd Narcissistic Daddy’s Boy. This guy has a lot issues. He preys on women by following them on social media so that he can learn about about how to get to them and lure them into his sick, sadistic, sad little world. He eventually meets women and acts all innocent. Calling himself “vanilla” … he will soon begin sharing how wealthy and powerful he and his family are. He will wine and dine and compliment you and make you feel so very special.. He will get you to open up about the vulnerable aspects of yourself that you do not wish to share with anyone. He will get you to trust that he is the one for you and that you have essentially won the lottery by being able to spend time with him. Eventually his prey start feeling as though something is off with the whole connection, and will try to pull away. Brett Kidd cannot handle ANY type of rejection because of his mommy and daddy issues. So instead he will use his sick fuk narcissistic mind games to keep his claws dug in deeply. He will know exactly how to get at you and will make you believe that you are the problem. Making you doubt yourself and your own sanity. Eventually you will find out that he is doing this to multiple women all at once. He is abusive, narcissistic and sociopathic. Stay away.