Brittany Azure — 2 Face Slore. Let’s see where do I start about her Once she goes after every single person on this planet go in after baby mamas baby daddies but she can’t even take care of her baby she lied to her ex spouse saying it was his kid find out that the DNA test came back negative she lied to him about a whole terrier about that kid she keeps harassing him saying she wants damage deposit and blah blah blah but the funny thing is he paid all of your bills when you’re behind every time he got off work he took care of that kid all you did was sleep and get high when he came home the baby had a full diaper no bottle screaming and crying you should get your kid taken You’re not a fit mother you’re not a fit mother All you do is go after every single person and not worry about your daughter all you do is smoke pot every single day I guarantee your daughters fuking starving because you keep asking every single person for money also to said your mommy and daddy can help you anymore because you cut them out I hope you rot in hell because that’s where you belong no one fuking likes you at all you’re just a two-faced wanna be liar who causes drama every single day no wonder why you don’t have friends or a spouse to have in your life to help you because you’re just a freak a crazy bipolar freak I hope karma comes to you soon because you deserve it.