Brittany Elder/Fitzgerald Greely’s White Trash – Alcoholic, Pepsi Addict, Slore. Brittany Elder/Fitzgerald. This girl is the biggest piece of trailer trash. She literally is the ghetto of Greely. She tries so hard to make everyone like her and think she is this amazing person, but when you get to know her you see the true alcoholic, junkie, low life she really is. Her poor daughter has to suffer the consequences of her Pepsi addiction. Who does this while knowing they are pregnant. She didn’t even know who the baby daddy was until she had her daughter. She’s lucky her husband stuck by her knowing she was a slore. Too bad he’s so stupid he can’t open his eyes and see that she’s still fuking around on him. All she does is drink and get high, and her poor daughter who she’s already damaged during pregnancy is left to suffer more. What’s to be expected though, she was taught her trash ways from her mother. I guess you can leave the trailer park but the trailer park never leaves you.