Brittany Parsons-Bushey The Chase Queen. This woman Brittany Parson is dangerous. She ruined my sisters relationship. She prays on boyfriends and husbands of her cohorts at [REDACTED]. What’s worse is her ‘husband ’ Kyle who is bisexual also sometimes get’s involved to help her set things up and even gets involved whenever he can. Brittany Parsons/ Bishey has ruined several relationships in the last year at [REDACTED] by using her position of authority and evil smile. She currently is manipulating several young men who were just hired and uses her sex appeal to get info to blackmail them. She apparently has a very long employment history and has been dismissed many times. I have personally seen her absolutely freak out over the most minor things and beat her boyfriend/husband. Ladies in the Indianapolis area beware of this woman she chases after men in committed relationships… thus she has been dubbed “The Chase Queen”.