Brooke Anne Hurst (Davies Ercanbrack). A spokesperson for a popular brand of aftermarket off-road parts. Uses social media to talk to married men and then asks them to use the Snapchat platform with her so that she can send photos without their spouses finding out. She is also a fraud that claims to be part of the LDS religion. My husband was friends with her on IG and she began messaging more and more. In December he told her they needed to stop talking because it was becoming too frequent and inappropriate. She then started telling him that her mom was sick and she didn’t have anyone else to talk to, and she had bad anxiety, could he please just keep talking to her. Two months later she asked him to open a Snapchat account so their messages could be more discrete. When I saw the Snapchat account, she messaged my husband on IG and said that they could keep talking on IG and I wouldn’t know. My husband blocked her from all social media that day. If you drive a Jeep and use it for off-roading, you know who this sloot is. Watch out, she has no morals.