Cam Kennedy- Narcissistic Fb. Oh god ladies avoid this piece of sh1t at all costs. Not once but twice this dude blew me off for no reasoN AFTER APPROACHING ME! Literally the first time he was on the way for a FWB situation, then realized I smoked cigarettes, blew me off as he was on the way here. Alright d1ck move but whatever. Second time? He liked me on Facebook dating,messages me first saying he’s “looking for more than a Fwb” and asks for my instagram. Keep in mind I forgot all about this dude and why we never met before. We talk a bit and then he says he’ll come over later without me asking him to. I reminded him he blew me off before because I smoked cigarettes but I quit. I knew he’d probably blow me off again and surely enough, he did, and he claimed it was because he wasn’t “physically attracted to me”. Now all my dating pictures show me and my body as well as my Instagram. He also liked ME and messaged ME on Facebook dating. I didn’t approach him HE APPROACHED ME. TWICE. Honestly this guy wreaks of being a class act Narcissist who clearly feeds off of attention from women and gets off on getting their hopes up and letting them down. It’s pretty sick behavior if you ask me. Avoid avoid avoid avoid avoid at all costs unless you want to be fuked over for his game.