Candice Croom Who’s Your Baby’s Father Or Are You Too Scared To Take A Paternity Test? My so called friend, has never has a faithful relationship & has cheated on every person she has ever been with. She tried to get pregnant with her current husband and realized that it wasn’t going to happen with them. Wanting a baby more than anything in the world, she turned to my husband to be her secret sperm donor knowing that my husband had a crush on her in the past and he’s dumb enough to take the bait. She spent weeks stroking his ego, phone calls/text while I was at work which moved to middle of the night phone calls after making sure I was asleep before making a move on him after a night of everyone hanging out & drinking. Of course my husband is no innocent party in all this but after 10 years of him having a crush on her and her not wanting anything to do with him he gave up on her. She waited till he was 4 years into our marriage (6 years together) before deciding to confess her feelings for him, tell him that she doesn’t want to be with her husband anymore and she was stupid for not giving him the chance before. To make matters worse, they talked about her not getting pregnant with her husband and decided that they didn’t need a condom and would leave it up to fate cause she might not be able to have kids. Well fate happened! Then she decided that she didn’t really want to be with my husband now that she got the baby she wanted. Funny how she ruined mine & my husbands relationship & now is refusing a paternity test because she is happy and wants to work on her marriage and wants to just make my husband “go away so he doesn’t ruin her life”.