Carol Rivers Tried To Be A Homewrecker But Failed Miserably. This is a story about a friend of mine. She is a wonderful woman with a beautiful family. One day, her husband , feeling a bit low, fell into the grips of the dark negative energies of Carol Rivers. What a tragic story of a beautiful family trying to keep their lives and marital issues private. This woman not only tried to steal my friends husband but has literally been obsessed with him since 2009. Seriously, ladies. Who does this? A sick twisted mind of someone not able to understand the pain she caused and to this day thinks she was the one mistreated. I can’t help but laugh. Carol , if you ever read this, which you very well might, you are a pathetic excuse for a woman let alone a human being. Karma will bite you in the ass. I have a good feeling it already has. You didn’t ruin a marriage and you didn’t get the man. You’ll never have what you tried to steal. To my friend, my hat off to you for sticking it out. You have such a beautiful life and will continue down a path of blessings.