Caroline Gallaher (Carrie Gallaher). Carrie is one of the most sociopathic individuals you will ever meet,and thats only the tip of the surface. She has been diagnosed with a form of [REDACTED] that leads to [REDACTED] depending on the day. Here are some facts to justify how cruel and terrible of a person she is: on the day of her boyfriends funeral,she was arrested at Target for shoplifting and because of this,she missed his funeral. This wasnt the last time she would try to steal things,she was kicked out of the deceased boyfriends parents for stealing drugs like Xanax under the pretense of lies. She would eventually try to steal again at target till my cousin had stopped her from doing so,this was in November 2018. A few months after the passing of her passed on boyfriend, she was seeking for casual sex on tinder,where she met my cousin who eventually would fall in love with her,she claimed to have loved him,introducing herself to his parents and telling his dad that she loved their son very much. She had lied to Antonio(my cousin) and had told him that the parents of the deceased boyfriend gave her the ‘okay’to date and find other men. This would eventually come out as a lie made by carrie when the parents dishonored her from their family,but eventually would reconcile through Carries manipulation. Here’s a funny catch to that story,she would tell the deceased boyfriends parents that she needed time to mourn and time for herself to feel better,so under this pretense,she asked if they could look after her TWO children. They agreed. But had no idea that this entire time,she was spending time with her new boyfriend,and sleeping with him under the same household that was owned by the deceased boyfriend. She is a horrible person who manipulated and lied to the parents of the deceased son,only so that she wouldn’t be “lonely”. She is a theif,a druggy,insane girl who will do whatever it takes to get her way. She is not to be trusted. Caroline would eventually GHOST Antonio, and by definition,this means she RANDOMLY blocked all communication without actually breaking up with him,she left him in the dust. She had tossed him aside after she decided she was done with him. She did this very coldly and knowing full that Antonio already had gone through sh1tty relationship experiences and had a long history of [REDACTED] because of his past life. He would eventually fall into a dark suicidal depression after she had Ghosted him without any remorse. She then took it upon herself to vilify him,for trying to get in contact with her AFTER she had GHOSTED. She called him a stalker for doing so. It’s natural for a person to try and reach out to ask what happened when someone blocks all contact out of the blue. She ghosted him for something as meager as melodrama,he never physically or emotionally abusive towards her,the ghosting would have been understandable if that was the case,but it was not. It was for melodrama. She vilified him for own selfish behavior. She is a terrible person,mother,human being. She had shoplifted in front of her children,had taken drugs in front of her children. During the first week Antonio and Carrie met,she was already trying to introduce her two boys to him,she wanted Antonio to spend time with her two littles boys so they could get to know him better..if that doesn’t scream BAD MOTHER,I dont know what does. She introduced a total stranger to her two children, and had intercourse with a man she met on tinder in the same bed as her long passed on boyfriend used to sleep in. She is one screwed up manipulative person,and is not to be trusted. For gods sake she has a criminal record of being a thief.