Caroline Grasdal Burnt Out Old Sloot On The Hunt. Watch out for this worn out old hag. She broke up with her money line. She is now looking for a new source of $$. She will do anything to secure her own future. Anything. She waitresses in various locations in and around town. She checks out customers, regardless of their relationship status. I think she is getting names off of credit card transactions. She will then search for them online and approach them there. She’s desperate. Has no scruples. And will do anything to make sure she is taken care of. She’s resorted to posting sexually suggestive pics online after shes made contact. Her relationship status switches from in a relationship to single every second month. This sloot has no eyebrows, sunken in eyes and a large hooked nose. Theres only one thing shes good for. She flips from blonde to brunette dying that tuft of hair on her head. No one would settle for this thing. She’s unstable and has been passed around like an old bike.