Catherine Marion — The “Good Girl”. This young woman, Catherine Marion, works for Nextleaf Solutions, a cannabis extraction Company, publicly listed on CSE as Oils. She just moved to Halifax and she’s already destroying relationships within the company, including the CEOs, Paul Pedersen. Catherine and Paul developed an unprofessional relationship which led to Paul’s fiancé divorcing him after 16 years of being together. I strongly believe Catherine to be a self entitled girl that thinks she can do whatever she wants without ramifications. Ive personally found her to be a liar, disloyal, and sneaky. I wouldn’t suggest anyone have any type of relationship with this woman. I hope Nextleaf doesn’t go down because of the actions of this woman but they should have fired her a long time ago when all the concerns were being raised about his and her inappropriate behaviour. Nextleaf should also be concerned about future “me too” claims.