Cepha Beach Model For Hire! Will Accept Pepsi, Red Bull, Or T Shirts. This is Cepha Beach, she is a stripper at a ghetto strip club in Fullerton, Ca. Word is her boss is showing everyone text messages of her asking him to pay her $200 to fuk! She drives around with a pole in her car just in case she meets some guy that’s willing to give her $50 to take her clothes off. She tells people she is a piercer and employed at [REDACTED], when really she is just a traveling call girl that does free photo shoots and fuks for Pepsi and t shirts printed in someone’s garage! Never have I ever met a more desperate slore in my life! Give it up Cepha, stop lying about your “work” and thinking everyone is jealous of you! Typical IG model wannabe! NEXT! And [REDACTED],, get rid of this girl! #togetherwerise?! All she does is trash people and throw shade! Bad representation!