Chantelle Johnston Gap Toothed Drds Infected Indian. Ain’t no gossip just the facts Chantel Johnson is nothing but a f****** scabby w**** that runs around the streets thinking she’s gangster jacking people with f****** tasers when she should be at home raising these kids that she got back from the ministry eight times now. It’s funny that every time she gets her kids back one of her friends gets her kids taken away she runs around the streets calling everyone a rat it’s funny she is the rat that feeds the feds with the info that they need to f*** other people over to keep her slip and slide a55 that everyone is taking a ride on in business as she can’t get f***** in the p**** no more because it’s disgustingly infected with the herps and it’s hard you shouldn’t really blame the b**** cuz she was raised by a crackhead and it’ll be a seen her degenerate Brothers holy f*** you do what you see and you are where you come from no matter how many showers she takes she’s always that stink s*** smelling gangster talking headland f****** s*** stained wearing little piece of Indian trash with a nickname little foot loose p**** with a chunk chunky a****** titties Chantelle just admit it this ain’t you go home put your head off the toilet until your head is right again … Call the doctor and requested chastity belt so you don’t s*** out another inbreed Indian with learning disabilities waka waka waka alcohol ain’t your friend so shut the game and buzzle buzzle buzzle off b**** I’m sure you all know what I’m saying… Put some more Pepsi up your nose if you know what I’m saying keep producing them babies and meth labs Chantelle hopefully you drink some of that battery acid next time oh yeahstop trying to get girls addicted to heroin so you can put them on the street you ain’t no f****** pimp b**** why don’t you tell your cop friends that s*** go dime yourself out your Little narc or is all the ratting out your friends give you the free pass to a life time DND so you can run around playing gangsta robbing everyone take a good look at ypuroms your almost there a few more years a couple more babies and I hope to God they ain’t buzzles cuz buzzles is dope and I don’t know why he’s tied up in your s*** and quit saying yo or bro cuz guess what yo you ain’t no one’s bro no one likes your a55 you’re right b**** or the gonorrhea in your eyeballs you had a nut sack when you were born and you turned it into a clip now it’s just a saggy f****** douche box if you could lose the Adam’s apple maybe we could all sleep at night.