Chayla Marshall. Well who do we have here , Chayla Marshal who’s now dirty not only in Medicine Hat , Vernon , but Red Deer too. Not gonna roast the person it came from but she’s saucing an DRD around that she claims she got checked for a didn’t . Watched her tell several guys in the last year she was pregnant with their baby , when nobodies dumb enough to blow their load in her . Also been told by a few of them her claim of “being tight” was a lie , and that they wouldn’t “go down on her” even right after a shower. Claims she’s engaged and pregnant but was drunk and smoking heroin just a few days ago , and sleeping with her cousins ex-fiancé someone Drive her to the doctors office and have her save a child from trauma , since she’s 25 and still have no license or job to buy a car 😂 Can’t hold down a job , tries trapping men with fake pregnancies , and wouldn’t know how to stop partying and doing drugs if it was the last thing left in earth. Get it together girl 😬