Cheating Arsonist Jeffrey Bauer – Nottingham, PA.This mugshot is of Jeffrey Marc Bauer who is originally from Nottingham/Oxford, Pennsylvania. This 48 year old man is now incarcerated at a state correctional institution at Huntingdon, PA. He has been there for over 12 years. His sentence originally was for 12-24 years. His crimes were arson and attempted murder. Jeffrey Bauer had set his house on fire, back in January 2007, trying to murder his wife and their three daughters.

Fortunately, the family escaped from the burning house, without any physical injuries. Jeffrey Bauer was arrested that same day. Jeff’s father had bailed him out of jail, a day or so later. While Jeff was out on bail, he was living with his father, and he was also living with his girlfriend (mistress), until his court date. During the time this lunatic was out on bail, his estranged wife and daughters had minimal protection and assistance from the state they had also lived in. They had to live in fear, fire destruction, and emotional trauma, during the entire ordeal, and then afterwards.

Jeff had a mistress during the time he had set his family’s house on fire. In fact, he started having an affair, several months prior. Jeff got so involved with his mistress, that he wanted to end his marriage, but not in a divorce. The truth is, was that he wanted to dispose of his wife and daughters, for the insurance money and to be with his mistress. But after he got caught and was arrested, he had later pleaded insanity. Unfortunately, the judge and jury had bought into some of his bullshit. Instead of sending Jeff to a hard-core prison near where he had lived and had committed his crimes, Jeff was instead taken across the state to do his time elsewhere at a vocational correctional facility, where he could learn several trades and was safe from other inmates who knew about him.

Child killers and abusers aren’t very popular in prison!

Bauer’s attorney and judge knew this, which is why they sent him to another county across the state. This could also be why there was never an actual PA court record on Jeffrey Bauer publicly posted online. There was never a mugshot publicly posted either, until just recently. Again, the state has been more concerned over Jeffrey Bauer’s privacy and safety than the safety of his former wife and children, whom he had tried to murder, years ago.

This violent animal claimed to have suffered from depression. Well, that was another excuse he had used in court and others had bought into it. Yes, apparently having to be with his wife and daughters had made Jeffrey Bauer depressed. But being able to get into his former employee’s wife’s panties regularly, made him temporarily happy. Of course, that wasn’t enough. What he really wanted was to do away with the wife and kids, get a big cash payout, and then make his side chick his main woman. Jeffrey Bauer wasn’t depressed. He was just being a heartless, destructive, selfish p***k!

Jeff Bauer had anger and jealousy issues, over his wife. Before he had set fire to their home, Jeff admitted to his wife that he wanted to be with his girlfriend, instead of being at home with his wife and family. But Jeff didn’t want his wife to date and or to be with anybody else. Furthermore, it was stated that the mistress had told Jeff that he had to choose between her or his wife. It was also rumored that Jeff’s mistress (Tammy Norris-Jones from Peach Bottom, PA) was also involved with wanting to kill Jeffrey Bauer’s wife and children, but luckily for her, that was never proven in court.

Jeff has already spent his minimum time in prison. He could be getting out soon; possibly even in the next few years. For your protection, here is his picture and all the information you need to know about this pathetic, batshit loser. You have been warned! Stay away from Jeffrey Bauer, for he is selfish, stupid, and extremely dangerous!

I highly doubt “this” Tammy was ever willing to “stand by her man”. There is no way in h**l this high school dropout, promiscuous teen-mom, trailer trash s**t would’ve ever had the patience to wait for her man and be true to him, while he has been locked up. More than likely, she had ditched his sorry a*s a long time ago. So you can count on Jeff Bauer being out on the prowl, looking for a new girlfriend, once he is released; unless of course, he has turned gay after being locked away in an all-male prison for so many years. That probably isn’t the case, since he has this morbid l**t for young and ignorant women. That’s what got him into trouble in the first place. And he is much too weak and too stupid to give up his passion of wanting to have that “babygirl” in his life again. So you can bet he hasn’t changed much, nor has he learned anything, at all. Beware!

Jeffrey Bauer loves young, slender women; so if you are between the ages of 18-35, watch out! Single moms need to beware too. Do not substitute your baby-daddy with this violent man who had tried to murder his own children. ??‍♀️RUN from him! ??‍♀️ Avoid this a*****e!