Chelsea Burnham – Wanna Be Gangster. Chelsea is wanna be gangster who lies cheats and scams her way through life. She uses men by using the normal psychopath tendencies like mirroring, love bombing ect to lure men in. She even moves from half way house to half way house to get closer to them. Then she pulls away and moves onto her next mark. She then uses gaslighting to destroy these men and make them think that the relationship failed because of them. The entire process takes 4-6 months. she’s that good at it. After she’s done using them she blocks them out of her life. She talks shit on CPS non stop but calls them every time an ex tries to get answers from her. She is a master chameleon . She pretends to be advocate for mental health and addiction but just uses this as a front to snitch and get her own charges lessened. This is sickening behaviour and people like this should be taken out back and shot. It’s about time someone calls this b1tch out. I have watched her do this sh1t for years and it’s time to end it.