Chris Jessup — DRD Spreader. This kid knows hes got the drd and will lie to you about being able to get it. He’ll tell you that you can’t get it unless hes on an outbreak which is a lie, and he knows it. He gave it to me then went and cheated on me and told his new girl the exact same thing after giving it to me knowing full well she can get it too. Hes sleeping with a ton of girls, lying to them about the risk, and will sneak off the protection if you’re not keeping an eye on him and making sure hes wearing some. He hunts out single emotionally vulnerable moms and manipulates them into thinking they mean something to him then he will go and cheat on them, risking their health and only thinking about himself. He should honestly have his D$%k chopped off because hes a health risk, a walking DRD. He needs to be stopped and needs to have a little pull back down to reality because you can’t do that to people. Hes a disgusting waste of human skin and deserves to be knocked off. The girl he is currently with that I know about is Jasmin Storm, so beware of her as well because she most likely has it already due to the fact hes a sneaky lying cvntand will put her at risk just to please himself 🙂