Chris Jessup Walking Talking DRD. This guy is the definition of sleaze ball. He has a drd that cannot be cured, he lied to me saying I couldn’t get it unless he was on an outbreak and when i brought up what google said he had me believing his doctor told him that fact, and would say “I think my doctor knows more than google”. Hes just a right manipulator. Actually the only reason he even told me he had it was because one of my girl friends slept with him and found out and told me to ask him. After I asked he told me but he had no intentions of telling me otherwise as he was trying to sleep with me before even disclosing that with me. Anyway, after he spread his disease to me, MY doctor told me that it can 100% be spread when there are no symptoms, called asymptomatic shedding. So, he moved to Ottawa and ended up cheating on me for 3 months (I’m positive there are tons of other girls I didn’t talk to) and he was telling the new girl the exact same thing as me, that she can’t get it unless hes on an outbreak, for 3 months he lied to her about me, about being able to get the DRD and about who he is as a person 🙂 but she respects herself SO much shes gunna stay with him xD This guy is honestly the most disgusting selfish human being I’ve ever came across in this world. He is a walking toxic waste hazard. but hey…. atleast i’ll ALWAYS have something to remember him by! lol. *pukes* just keep in mind, you can have this disease and not know, so the new girl most likely already has it, if you’re in the ottawa area, beware of who you’re sleeping with. Because again, no cure .