Christa Dawn Andrews-Janzen Homewrecker, Narcissist, Cheat. This girl is a piece of work and a warning for any guy in Langley or BC. A friend of mine recently got involved with her and we share some male friends, so I know who she is. She comes across as the sweetest person you’ll ever meet, but she has a dark empty side. She’s a covert narcissist – she plays the victim, will wind you around her little finger, be the victim, be needy, say all of her ex’s are after her. She’s an expect at what she does, she’ll say you’re the one, you’re her soul mate, you’ll save her, she’s never felt like she has for anyone, that she’s “felt empty before meeting you” and she’ll say exactly what you need to hear. All the while she’s out gathering phone numbers, running multiple social media accounts, messaging and chatting with multiple guys – desperate for male attention, hiding what she does, all in the name of narcissistic supply. She’s had several affairs on her ex husband, cheated several times on the guy that followed after him (4 times in 3 months!), she lies and manipulates. She has 4 kids, I assume all from her ex-husband, but who actually really knows. Don’t fall into her black empty soul and her sob stories.