Christopher Murdock — Silent Player BEWARE. Hello everyone I  would like to introduce you to  Christopher  Murdock .  Christopher is a man who  is not capable of treating any woman like a lady .  Its a shame because he has a teenage daughter that is learning  that  woman don’t deserve a man’s respect.  To her father women are just sexual exploits.  He has always had many  girls  professing their love to him.  He thinks nothing of returning those words to keep them on his menu.  He dates many women at the same time from Kitchener, Cambridge, Guelph, Oakville, Brampton, Toronto and London .  Recently he  USED his Kitchener “pce of A**” to help buy himself a car.  Now he is mobile and thanks to her he can keep up with  his visits wirh his women—and meet new prospects . In one day he will tell  more than one of them that he wants to visit them.   WHY?  I guess so at the end if the day he  wants to make sure to have someone to use. Or maybe he likes to have pick of the litter. One thing is for sure his girls get stood up.  When he says he’s not feeling well—- no he’s feeling someone else. .  He also  surfs Factbook,Instagram and dating sites weekly for fresh  meat—- He  sometines pursues women that  are mentally challenged or in some way vulnerable—– He will even profess his love  to them before even meeting to increase the chances of  getting his manhood wet. The half dozen he keeps around are  totally played and  constantly lied to.  I hate to think how many women he has hurt over the years without a care in the world. This man cares about no womans heart just his own pleasure. Recently he has shared an DRD to his harem so he’s probably on the prowel for a new one. —-WOMEN BEWARE.