Cindy Mcginnis Aka (Cindy-Skinwalker). This is a (Cindy-skinwalker) this creature was finally caught in her natural habitat looking like a ghoulish skinwalker. They have long arms! Long legs! Boney AF!! They even have a huge nose for snorting up all kind of drugs and have creepy beady eyes. Just like in the pictures above! They also like to be super Yappi like a small pomeranian, like they can’t stop talking shit about everyone thats a (friend, close friend, new friends, people this skinwalker doesn’t even know.) They like to cry a lot, but that’s so they can make everyone feel bad for them! They even like to borrow money for there habbit and never pay back, they also like to manipulate any girl or dude when they get the chance to! So BEWARE PEOPLE!! of the (Cindy-skinwalker) they are hard to get rid of once they notice they can take advantage of you and use you, sometimes they won’t stop lurking your shit trying to still find away to keep manipulating, so be careful around this miserable creature people, don’t let it bring you down or use you.