Clarin Gniffke: Slore, Sex Addict,Fraud. Clarin Gniffke began a long-term extramarital affair with a Mark Dumas last spring 2021. They met and began their affair on company time, created real and fake “business” meetings at work , over drinks, and at Mark’s hotel room. These meetings were used to hide the affair from each of their spouses as well as their work colleagues. This pattern continued throughout their encounters as they created times to connect daily and hook-up across the country. Clarin was aware that Mark was married and had children at home. Mark did not know Clarin was married because she had hidden her marriage. The affair appears to have continued at least into the Fall of 2021. It became evident that Clarin has engaged in multiple affairs. At least one began with another co-worker. Sean Rosenberg and Clarin began their affair sometime this past December 2021. He also did not know she was married initially. Once he found out, he continued his romantic pursuit of her and their interactions did not stop. Two marriages have been severed. Four children now live in a broken home.