Cody Hedges Manipulating Liar Thief & Addict With A Dash Of Anger Issues. The title says it all folks. Here you have a 22 year old male that will do whatever it takes to get his hands on Pepsi, icicles, harden Pepsi and the latest addition to his choice of favours fetilicious. He’ll even go as far as claiming he’s bi and move in with men living the gay lifestyle to provide himself with a free roof over his head so that he can use the money he guilts his enabling mommy to give him to support his lifestyle. I’d be isn’t hanging out in [REDACTED]t you can find this self proclaimed “bi polar “ man living off his friends that pay for him to live in motels around the city. Beware both woman and men as this spoiled little deeck man has major anger management issues and is facing charges currently for aggravated assault with a weapon. This individual is very intelligent and knows exactly how to make his victims feel sorry for him as he usual mental health issues (which have never been diagnosed by a professional) to lure them in. This man is a time bomb just waiting to explode. Keep clear!!