Colin Moisan Prepare And Beware Ladiies. All you beautiful folks. I just felt compelled, and I’m beyond excited knowing I was given the pleasure of introducing you ladies too this stellar dogg. That’s dogg with 2 gs, not one. For as long as I can remember, colon moisten.. sorry, lil C.. sorry, crooked-I sorry sorry, L.C. aka Colin Moisan, has been a dog. That’s 2 gs. I wanted to warn each and everyone one of you ladies, and men too. I have seen this man do countless things that should not be excused. From 1. Video taping sex with multiple different females while theyre too drunk to notice him doing it. Sending them videos to all his buddies, attempting to sell them to people overseas. 2. Losing his mind on his stay at home gf or ex gf. She left him out the blue one day and gave him a taste of his own medicine after all the abuse she told me she had to endure, because she dont feel like he loves her or her kid anymore. Poor shelby. If she is reading this. Shelby, I’m sorry I never told you sooner. But good for you for leaving him. You deserve better. 3. I’ve seen “colon moisten” start fights with groups of people, only to pull out his boys. He don’t fight one on one, never has, never will. He screws and fuks with all his homies either current gfs, exs, or bbm. 4. I remember one time all his “boys” almost jumped him. They robbed him for his money and jewelry and made the dude do so much b1tch work just because colon didnt wanna fight begged them not to hurt him, all because he got caught sleeping with his Homies ex or bbm megan behind all their backs, amoungst other things. But, that’s not all ladies, hes also contracted some wap that gave him the drip, The burn, the sting. ????????????? 5. He once got this woman pregnant and paid her 350 bucks to get an abortion on the TWINS, she was pregnant with. This can’t be made up. And she did it. Let’s not forget to mention fuking his homies gfs. Jesse, yes. He was fuking that b1tch you dated behind your back. And laughed about it everyday. And so did Seona. 6. let’s also not forget he thinks hes a wicked rapper. Rides his buddy colin Rankin’s d1ck 25/8 , oops, 24/7, he really wouldn’t fool anyone into thinking he isn’t gay with how he holds alias nones d1ck like it’s a womans hand….everywhere he goes. It basically is, Colin Rankin a female himself, but this isn’t about crankin Rankin, I mean c0ckin Rankin. Whatever. I dont think I’ve ever met a sadder excuse of a person. Colin moisan, a.) you’re a fraud, you’ve committed sexual acts against women and treat them like fuking sh1t, and send videos they don’t know about to your friends, of them being fcked by your micro stank d1ck. I sincerely hope it was all worth it. To his buddies, the rat, the fat, the jacked, and the snack, by snack I mean steven ryan. This guy colin makes you all look very stupid. To his current whomever. Run far away. If you’ve slept with this man in the past 3 or 4 years, just like Amber, Kettisha, Hillary, Shelby, you 4 are just a few to name of the 10 or so all seen sent out on snapchat. People have seen all your pu55ies. Drunk and obnoxiously fuked and filmed by this creep. Edited by his mother retainer moisan. Who is also, a creep. Yes. Hes told a few of us the story on how his mother used to touch his wiener. Jk. But she should, he needs a newer sense of dominance towards him. All these other females just getting drugged and liquored up, can’t dominate a sober woman can ya colin. Ive heard stories from all his “boys” on how much of a clown he is. Cries to them, begs for their attention, does anything he can to be next to them. Ask Brad and steven. He was always trying to get them to have sex with other women, trying to convince them to cheat on their women with him and some slut he’d go pay for and fill up with liquor. That’s why they never liked to hang with him. Always on some gay sh1t. Always on the cheating game. Quick reminder , stop saying the n word all the time, you aren’t black, and stop eating your finger nails. I can’t believe any girl would let you, drunk or sober, put your crusty fingers in their c00chies. Nik, please shed this mans light. He’s been in the dark to long.